“ ‘Chanchala’, means the changing mind, here the varying mind of goddess Lakshmi”, acharya said looking the elderly devotees who were paying attention to every word that fell from the mouth of the 40-year old bhagvata exponent. Acharya took his time to continue his discourse, he was pausing to check that he had gained everyone’s attention. All the grannies held their breath and his discourse was on a critical juncture. “Narada who entered Vaikunda without knocking the door, earned a scornful look from Lakshmi.” He paused again, “She went away, nor wishing or acknowledging the presence of the guest-intruder. Vishnu getting up from the bed said all the women are ‘chanchala’, to pacify Narada who felt ashamed of not knocking before entering. But he was in dilemma.”

Narada kept aside his tamburu and opened his heart out. “Sir, I ‘m in a dilemma. Yesterday I was in a debate with some rishis and that Sage Agasthya said the whole world is Maya and others supported his stupid claim. My points against his argument went unnoticed.” The worried Narada’s eyes locked with that of Vishnu’s sleepy eyes.

“So… what?” Vishnu enquired rubbing his eyes.

   “Nothing! you didn’t get nothing! My arguments went unnoticed, it didn’t even flutter a single leaf; none of the council sages even did a thumping on the desk. Everyone said I’m completely wrong. And don’t forget last week, my speech fetched a standing ovation.”

  “You are not Rambha to get cheers every time you finish your performance.” Vishnu said getting from the scaly bed of Ananthan and picking up his brush and paste.

 Lakshmi arrived with tea offering first to Narada. Picking up the clay cup, “You are having black tea?”

“He likes sulaimani early in bed and white one during breakfast. Black one for rising the senses from its sleep and the white to sustain the senses for the day. Right???” Lakshmi quipped. Vishnu just smiled. The secret hidden beneath the trademark mischievous smile that none could interpret.

 “Quite interesting and quite strong…” Narada said sipping the hot tea.

 “What brings you here?” questioned Lakshmi. As She had missed a major part of conversation he had with Vishnu.

 “I want to know Maya and if I can … I want to experience it… only He can help me.” Narada said it, as Vishnu picked the towel and headed to bathroom without uttering a word. Narada remained unhappy.

Lakshmi seeeing Narada’s facial expression, consoled “He’s at a different world when he gets up, only after his 30min longer ‘nirattu’ he comes to his sense fully.” Lakshmi took the clay cup from the worried sage. “Come to the living room and watch TV.”

Narada walked slowly with tamburu hanging low on his right hand. He felt let down by his lord’s action. Sitting in the fluffy sofa, He skipped through the channels only stopping at music programs and that too for a few seconds until he got angry with low standard of music or the vulgar picturization.

 “Hey, don’t worry too much of not getting noticed every time at the council.” Vishnu came in looking entirely a different person he was half an hour ago. He was looking gorgeously good in his light blue non faded jeans, white silk lined kurtha tight at chest, shoulder and biceps –just to show his progress after going to the gym with his new buddy.

“Why don’t you join us for breakfast? Lakshmi’s culinary skill is one of the lesser known.  You will appreciate it surely!” Vishnu was upset with Narada, as he didn’t acknowledge his new attire. Like an obedient child Narada stood from the sofa and sat on the chair next to him in the dining table. Sensing that he has not got out of his embarrassment yesterday Vishnu tried to cheer him up. “Whatever be your problem I will solve it and that’s my first job of today. Ok” Narada’s face bloomed like the face of Draupati when Bheem brought her the saugandhika.


(To be continued…)

Chanchala – A humourous take of A Tale from Bhagavatham

Part 2 will be published after some days

Written by: Gautham Jayan GopiKrishna

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