“Njan Prakashan”… An Enjoyable Movie with the stamp of Sathyan Anthikad all over

Do I need to write a review for a Sathyan Anthikad movie. This was the first thought that came to mind when I started writing. We have been enjoying his movies for more than three decades and we all know he follows his usual pattern. And even now he is able to make us laugh, think and make us feel sad. He does it with aplomb in Njan Prakashan in the same way, as he has done with TP Balagopalan MA in 1986.

Movie starts with Prakashan aka PR Akash (Fahad Fasil), the typical Malayalee who wants to earn a quick buck without any toil. Who likes to find fault in others but wont agree it is he’s who is in fault. Fahad brings the character alive flawlessly. His antics, facial expression, body language, esp the running, everything was so well done, raising laughs throughout the movie. His conversations with Sreenivasan, as Gopalji the Migrant labor supplier, was just hilarious. And Sreenivasan the writer is in top form, with quirky one liners and humorous dialogues and some hard hitting thoughts. Nikhila Vimal, Anju Kurien and Devika Sanjeev as female leads.

And there has been no director other than Sathyan who had showed the importance of farming. And his heroines are so self independent. Here the heroine cooks burgers for bakery, cultivates organic vegetables and even has tapioca growing in her backyard.

Also, we get to see few scenes which pay tribute to their old films.

Varavelppu – the unforgettable scene where Mohanlal clings onto the coconut tree when the dog runs at him. Here Fahad does the same.


Vadakunokkiyenthram – Sreenivasan impersonates himself, in the peculiar way he enters the house.

NadodikattuVayshakasandye…song is played in the radio while Fahad and Nikhila have tea from tattukada and in the same song Mohanlal and Shobana have tea from a tattukada.

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